An Ode to Melanin

An Ode to Melanin

In most countries across the world, there is discrimination against people of darker pigmentation; The Melanated. There is a vast difference in how Black and Brown people are treated compared to their lighter counterparts abroad and in America.  It is much deeper than Light-skin vs Dark-skin, or the brown paper bag test. Therein lies so much pain of being colonized and being held to European beauty standards; that somewhere and somehow, we were told not to love ourselves or to embrace our natural beauty despite individuals now paying for these features.
Unfortunately, skin-bleaching is a harsh reality and quite a popular method used to remove the beautiful darker pigment of the skin.  It is tragic and brings on the demise of our  Unconditional Self-Love. 
There is so much beauty in being Melanated. The way the sun kisses our skin ever so gently, the varying hues of golds, bronzes, and browns, the curves in our bodies, fullness of our hips, lips, and thighs. We come from an array of beautiful hues and shapes that only The Creator could perfect Himself. Our cultures, features, religious view, hair textures are the vibe. *periodt*
Let me be clear, God made no mistakes when He created Women of Color. 
In such a divisive world that we live in today, fighting for our basic civil rights and to be treated as a human, it’s important to know, understand, and embrace that we, as women of color, HOLD THE POWER. 
Whether our fellow sister comes from the same country or perhaps a different island, 
Whether she prays at a church or a temple or not at all, 
Whether she wears a hijab or rocks the biggest fro you have ever seen,  
The goal is to teach each other that despite the adversities that come with being Melanated, and 
The attempts of suppression, that we must KNOW
We are being PLANTED and Not Buried such that 
We grow more powerfully, 

An Ode to Melanin
A curated project to showcase the authenticity of Black and Brown Humans in America.
Black and Brown people are NOT a monolith. 
We hail from a variety of cultural backgrounds that make us so unique but have a sense of community in common cultural experiences. 
The individuals in this project are all Black/Brown hailing from African, Caribbean, Asian, Spanish, and Native American lineages. 
The Black Man has the toughest job in America by simply living. The government wants to put him in cages with private prisons and mass incarcerations; and even worse being murdered by Police. The government creates false narratives of "Black On Black Crime" as a way to deflect and justify others killing them. Corporate America wants to keep him out of C-suite positions that will lead to change. There are so many factors against him to succeed or to simply remain alive.  Today's political and civil climate has shown just how much of a target they are.  
It's extremely disheartening to repeatedly see the senseless killings of our kings.  The Information Age and social media outlets are used to spread awareness but also repeatedly showing the murders of unarmed black men will eventually lead to the desensitization to watching someone take their very last breath right before our eyes. 
The pieces in this section are showing who Black Men truly are to this country... Sons, Brothers, Fathers, Cousins, Friends.. men who Love and are loved in return. 


God was CLEARLY showing off when he made women of color.  We are so beautifully made to perfection from every hue of tans, browns, and golds. Our supple skin that ages with grace. Our innate ability to make something from nothing is unmatched. 

The way we embrace perfect strangers "Hey Sis!!!" or to give compliments. "YES POLKA DOTS!!", demonstrates the power we have when we join forces across any race, ethnicity, and religious views. We are the best humans to roam this earth, run the board rooms, and take care of our families... just never forget to take care of yourself sis. 
We are strong warriors and natural born leaders.  Our strength is often demonstrated in our adaptability in any situation and our ability to get things done.  

All too often our feelings and opinions are put on the back burner because of our strength and independence.  Sister girl I can reassure you its ok to feel all the feels and its ok to cry. 
 The real strength comes from Feeling & Healing. 

If we have an opinon and are vocal, we're considered angry. 
If we hold people accountable, we're considered a bitch.
If we want to have careers its assumed we dont want a family. 
If we want a family over a career we're considered a failure. 

Thank you so much for pouring more into me than sometimes you ever had. It's impossible to pour from an empty cup but you've done it more times than I will ever know with ease and grace.  Thank you for giving me the strength and encouragement to put together this project.  I Love You so much

xoxo Mudd  
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